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Maintenance Works

Maintenance is important for the upkeep of the machineries and to prevent business down times. SAHAR provides a comprehensive maintenance package which can be customized to suit clients needs 

Advantages of SAHAR Maintenace contracts

SAHAR Maintenace contracts are the best in the industry, providing clients with : 
- Competitive prices 
- Customized services 
- Preventative maintenance 
- 24/7 on call 
- Experienced engineers to trouble-shoot
- Discounts on spareparts 


Automated alert system integration

Using technology, SAHAR can integrate clients system to a  proprietary device that can remotely monitor everything. This system is like having a technician in the facility 24/7. 
Any issues that may arise, a signal is sent via internet or sms to SAHAR central monitoring system where a team will be alerted and dispatched. 

Maintenace offered for 

- Refrigeration systems
- Ammonia Refrigeration systems
- Chillers 
- Coldstorage systems
- Ice making machines
- Full facility Maintenance

and much more, contact us for more information